The term "disk space" is oftentimes called "disk quota" or "data storage", however all these words mean the same thing - the amount of information that you can upload to a cloud web hosting account. The full size of everything you have is estimated by accumulating the space consumed by all the content in the account, the most obvious being the types of files you upload. Two more things are sometimes ignored by many users, though - email messages along with databases. Larger attachments or databases of huge script-driven sites can often take a lot of storage space too. In order to employ a more recognizable analogy, the hdd space of your computer system is used not only by files that you download, but also by docs you create and programs you install. Similarly, various things are counted towards the hard disk space your info uses on a web site hosting server, not only the uploads.

Disk Space in Cloud Web Hosting

Our cloud web hosting packages were created with the idea that not enough disk space shouldn't be something that can prevent the progress of your sites. That's the reason why we have used an approach which is distinct from the one that most hosting companies apply - instead of just generating countless accounts on one server and eventually running out of storage space, we work with a cloud hosting platform in which the storage is taken care of by a wide cluster of servers. That's why, we're able to add more machines in case they are required and / or more HDDs, to provide more disk space for all the files of our customers. Individual clusters control the emails as well as your databases, so not only are you able to enhance your web sites without having to worry about hard drive space, but also all the servers will operate faster and better owing to the fact that each and every service features its own space for storage and an individual server doesn't handle different types of files.

Disk Space in Dedicated Web Hosting

When you use Linux dedicated web hosting you will get all of the hard disk space that you'll need for your sites, databases, emails and apps. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage space will be at your disposal and not shared with anyone else, so you are able to upload all of the data you would like - web site files, personal or company archive backups, and so on. You will get a minimum of two separate hard disks that function well in RAID, so that one of the drives will mirror the other one in real time in order to guarantee that all your essential info is always backed up. If you like, you're able to use the drives separately and utilize the whole storage space in any way you see fit. When needed, you may also get additional hard disk drives connected to your server to get even additional disk space. You'll have the option to set up web hosting accounts with pre-defined hard disk storage allowances when you obtain the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel. Selecting Hepsia, which is your third Control Panel alternative on the order page, all of the domain names hosted on your server will share the HDD space and they will be controlled through one account. In each case, our dedicated packages will meet all of your needs whatever the type of web site you need to host.